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A-Z Burning Calories

Available on the AppStore

A-Z Burning Calories - how many calories are burned by which activity?

Have you ever wondered how many calories are consumed in any activity? Based on the latest scientific knowledge, this app integrates the calorie consumption of hundreds of different activities from many areas of life. Any diet can be supplemented by effective activity or adapted to the particular activity pattern.

By specifying the body weight and gender, the calorie consumption of each activity is calculated for 1, 5, 10, 30 and 60 minute(s).

The activities are divided into apr. 100 categories and can easily and quickly be found through a full text search.

The app is based on the metabolic equivalent (MET), which is used as a scientific unit to compare the energy consumption of different activities.

Content and Features:

  • approx. 800 activities
  • Calories and METs
  • Full instant text search
  • Portrait and landscape format are supported
  • For iPad & iPhone
  • App supports English and German

How many calories are burned
- on bike or
- by swimming or
- by walking or
- by running or
- by kissing or
- by sexual activity or
- by other activities

Find the best way to lose weight and fat with the right activity!

There's also a free Version with less content for testing available.
A-Z Burning Calories lite. Please try it out and know how many calories are burned.
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