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Claudia von Lienen

Autogenic Training & Progressive Muscle Relaxation

This App includes 2 soothing recreation exercises based on the most proven methods:

- Autogenic relaxation. This exercise is 11 minutes long and helps you to relax your whole body by imagining that each part of your body is warm and heavy.
Enjoy this wonderful relaxation and its calming effect.

- A guided progressive muscle relaxation. This exercise is 15 minutes long and helps you to relax your whole body by tensing and relaxing your muscles one by one. Enjoy this wonderful recreation and feel the reduction of your whole body tension.

Following both exercises regularly will greatly improve your vitality, health and overall happiness. Listen to Claudia von Lienen's comforting voice as she leads you back to your inner center. Each session of Autogenic training and Progressive Muscle Relaxation will be a true treat.

Content and Features:

  • Autogenic training (11:36)
  • Progressive muscle relaxation (16:12)
  • For iPad & iPhone
  • App supports English only

We hope you enjoy the App Autogenic Training and Progressive Muscle Relaxation. If you´ve questions please use the facebook-site for feedback or use the support-form.

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