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Losing weight while you sleep, title picture. It's like a dream come true! Overnight the pounds are going, if you know the right way. Losing weight while you sleep, fats, proteins, insulin, etc. Lose weight while you sleep, lunch recipe indian rice pot Losing weight while you sleep, proteins Losing weight while you sleep, fats

Lose weight while you sleep

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Claudia von Lienen

The losing weight while you sleep App

The issue of weight, diet, being slim and healthy, are important issues today. You do not only want to have a great figure - you want to be healthy and fit as well. Therefore it is important to also pay attention to other things than changing just your eating habits.

For example, adequate physical activity every day, whether it's walking, running, pilates, gardening, yoga, or rugby will built up muscles that help to maintain weight. It also makes you feel better with yourself and your body.

Lose weight while you sleep will give you the necessary tools and information to successfully adjust your habits the smart way and by doing so to finally decrease your body fat and get in shape.

Content and Features:

  • Tips and cook prescriptions
  • Portrait and landscape format are supported
  • For iPad & iPhone
  • App supports English
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