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Tune wizard for kids - the simple picture music player app for kids, Title picture of the kids player app.
The main  music view with six buttons. Each button plays a single song or a playlist which you can set with the audio-button in the settings view. Variation with other kids buttons. ipad App Settings View. 
Click on the left button to set the picture.
Click on the note-button to set tte songs. 

Build your button. Change the color and choose the picture.

Tune Wizard for kids

Available on the AppStore

the simple music player app for kids

Actually the iPad, iPod touch or iPhone would be the perfect music player for kids. But unfortunately the build-in Music-app is absolutely not usable for (small) children.

That's why we, being parents ourselves, developed this great app for kids. With more then 30 gorgeous icons and 18 colors, there are almost endless possibilities to create an environment where your child can easily pick her/his favorite music, audiobook or even lectures all by (him-) herself. Simply create playlists out of your media-library and assign them to the 6 buttons on the app's main-view.

It's amazing how much fun our kids had just styling these buttons. But imagine the peace and harmony of when your kids can pick their tunes without constantly having to ask an adult.

A small app for you but a giant leap for your child's autonomy.

Oh and of course it's absolutely ad-free!!

Content and Features:

  • 6 configurable buttons on the main view to play audio
  • more then 30 pictures
  • 18 button colors
  • ad free
  • For iPad & iPhone
  • App contains no music
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