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App Support

All our apps are tested by us and the App-Store operator before being ready for sale. However software is very complex and bugs can never be entirely ruled out. And sometimes it's not even a bug in the app. If you encounter problems please try the following first:

An app cannot be installed

You should have at least twice us much free space available as the size of the app.

App doesn't launch

Delete the app and reinstall.
Often it helps if you turn off the device and reboot. (During reboot you see the Apple apple)

Check if there is a software update.

No audio on the iPad

The side switch on the iPad is turned off or was previously set to mute. Audio remains muted when you change the settings for the side switch to "Rotation". This does not affect Music, YouTube, etc. Set Settings > General > Use Side Switch to > Mute > and turn side switch to "off" and then "on" again.

No audio on the iPhone

Is the mute switch toggled on or off? This is the switch on the side of the device to mute the ringtone and also our audio.